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Back In Dis Lyrics

Killa Ki Back In Dis

My nigga J Merlin
It's that new style, sorcery, hah
Yo, Killa season [?], all a dat, ah

Back in dis ting, so you know it's Killa season (Yeah)
Trigger finger itchy, don't give me a reason (Ha)
Old friends still do a edge off a treason
No speaking, wait til I see it (Yeah)
Got the low dizzy some time in the evening
The moon came up by the time we were sleepin'
Jake's at the door, like "I'm sorry to speak this
But your son's just been shot, he ain't breathin'" (Hahaha)
Regular occurrence
Doctors, nurses, churches, hearses
One shot kill, my aim is perfect
Don't need to shoot you nine times like Curtis (Fifty)
What you know about a legend? (Hah)
Been gang gang since I was eleven (Yeah)
One punch knock, I don't need no weapon (Nah)
The man that I just residenced, I'm Peckham
Civilian youts, they get drops and they never shoot (Fool)
Catch a man slippin' and make an excuse
Gave man a MAC and he looked confused (Eediat)
When I got a MAC-10 I followed through (Yeah)
Never on one pot person shoot (Ah)
Spray and pray, this MAC-10's loose
Have a cup of tea, watch the news (Haha)
So calm with it, one man soldier, narcissist
Flamed at the trap, arsonist
Got all different drugs, pharmacist (Mm)
Straight TT, marvelous
No bricks and war, no armistice
Creep in a yard, laugh in this (Ha)
Uzi have him shaking, Parkinson's (Haha)
Funny how the tables turn
If I grew in the '80's, I would've had the perm (Yeah)
Crocodile shoes, Versace shirt
Disco music, dun a sound man (Ah)
Those are the rhythms of the time
Move swing dawg, I'm many moves [?] (Ha)
Focused dawg, I'll never get higher
One in the head, I'm a wicked .45 (Yeah)
Uh, call it Headie One, if I back out my wap, you're getting bun
Next your dog, choke on your blood (Ah)
Have your throat burnin', ray and sun (New ting)
So many flows, got 'em confused
Like why you rap slow on most of your tunes? (Ha)
'Cause I'm a gangster, rappin' the truth (Ah)
I switch the ting up, naturally I fume
Boom, I mean Boom (Ow)
The rappers that you rate are cartoons
Scared to catch a ghost, Scooby Doo (Joker)
They must be high on shrooms (Magic mushroom)
So what's with the confusion? (Ha)
All the rappers cap, cap, illusion
Ring the alarm for beef and they snoozin' (Ha)
I am xBoxing, countries boot 'em
Take over countries, [?] with fear
Have all trappers runnin' scared (Ah)
If you live there, you're not gettin' spared (Nah)
It's over now, Killa's here (Killa)
Two whole ones, bustin' off peps
Give it two weeks, profits immense (Mm)
Two country lines, one on ends (Ha)
You been trappin' for years and still look like death (Haha)
Never had hundreds of keys
Bought my order, it was a whole one of each
Bag of a brick, you might fall asleep
Trust me 'cause it happened to me (Ah)
Tell it from the trap (Trap)
Trap for months, left it all on whack
[?] when I'm linkin' slags
Didn't say a word, just pays in cash
'Cause I get all of the baddies
Latin ting said: "Cógeme, papi"
Translation: "Fuck me, daddy"
Slap their arse, move them panty
Freaky, freaky, I'm so randy
But I will never [?] (Nah)
Havin' threesomes makes me happy
Hello, Mandy, please bring Sally (Ha)
Drop out hoes when they're too chappy
I want lil' Keisha, not Patty
Never been with "I'm too savvy"
Light skin, G suttin'
Like my danny

Yeah, Killa, Farda
Flow upon flows, style upon style
J Merlin, you already know
Pecknarm, Yellow Brick
Commercial waves
North Peckham, you already know
Free all the mandem, free the 'Narm
RIP the fallen
2019 business
Fumez the engineer, we deyah
Fumez the engineer

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