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Fuzz & Shake Lyrics

Album Name : Alternative Rock, Vol. 1
Release Date : 2011-05-27
Song Duration : 2:58

Kill The Dandies! Fuzz & Shake

Shake, I wanna shake your brain
Shake, your Fear’s in your veins

Fly, fly like a burning car
Shake, my name is Silver star
You, you’re sugar of my fear
Right, my name is funeral

Shake, I see you cry for me
Cry, my name is Ecstasy
Night, I‘m darling of your fear
Right, my name is beauty, dear

Fuzz baby left
Fuzz baby rigt
Fuzz baby now, to the other side

Shake baby up
Shake baby down
Shake baby now, to the fuzzy night

Lyrics: Hank J. Manchini
Taken from the album: Kill The Dandies! - I saw white fields
P&C Pale Music Int. 2009
Published by Edition Blass Music / Freibank 2009

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