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New Fangs In Town Lyrics

Kid Valiant New Fangs In Town

Let's get around; you thought you'd take me down in my own town.
You must be crazy.
Don't you think about how I know everything about you know?
You can't stop me.

So, let's drive.
I know you're never gonna tell anybody what I turn into while you're sleeping in at night.
Just bump the radio for this 40 hour ride.
My fangs are kicking in and you will see my ghost when I'm gone.

So tell the boys we're back again.
Just listen up and go tell your friends.
When everyone is a new trend, "We've got some new fangs in town."

Everyone thinks I'm a liar, they'll sit around and conspire.
I know that I will meet you at your end.
Now they bear down upon you, scratching away at your backbone.
You yell and they pluck at your eyes, nipping at your thighs.
You scream my name, I know when I heard it that you need me to come save you,
And I know I'll follow through.

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