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Bur Hurbur Lyrics

Album Name : Happies
Release Date : 2012-11-30
Song Duration : 3:42

Kid Mountain Bur Hurbur

Like a good friend you know you've got one
even if you don't want one then I'll close my eyes
because these once in a lifetime friends
will find each other through the blindness
and like two good friends
we'll melt together
with our old habits and the ones we make
and in the time that we spend
we'll wonder where all the time went
but o0oOOoO0oOh don't think about that

pry me open
put up a stink to think these stars are my only friends
imagine when you realize that there really is an end
and you let go of all your thoughts and then
open your mind and know
that you can't feel a thing when you're buried in the ground
so let your guard come down
because these caskets aren't built for crowds
nobodies with you when you're buried in the ground
let your guard come down

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