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The Machine (deus Ex Machina) Lyrics

Album Name : Secrets Indoors
Release Date : 2012-03-01
Song Duration : 6:10

Kharma Code The Machine (deus Ex Machina)

Lying on a chair
Lectures on an early age.
Rambling on ideas,
none of them were hers.

Having lost the sense of space,
The feel of near and far,
the anxiety when she stares.

"You talk as if god had made the Machine, I believe you
even pray to it when
you are sad. Men made it, do not forget that. I see
something like you on this
screen, but I do not see you. I hear something like you
through this phone but
this, this is not you."

Like a bunch of stars
Prove the essence of the night
So should love
Be proof of life

But all we do is click and hide,
Showing our conformity
For crazy rules.

Take me,
to all the places I could never reach,
Save me,
From all those places I should never see.

(Welcome to the machine)

Take me,
to all the places I could never reach,
Save me,
From all those things that I should never see.

Oh machine! Help us prevail
Tell us how to dress and what to think and say
Oh machine! Please guide our paths
Take our sons and make them be a part of thee

Lurking captive under clouds of isolation
You will cleanse your mind, learn our ways or you'll be
set aside.

Like a god born from the fragile will of men
It tears our souls, turning Us into Them.

Always feeling like you're walking on the edge
To satisfy,
to please their wish,
to be a part of the Machine.

So much for a dream
Slowly coming to an end,
so much for what lies inside.

You'll recall my touch
Once the silver lining to your clouds
Now merely a déjà vu.

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