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Truths Lyrics

Khamali King Truths

Ain't nobody here to celebrate this with me thanks for not coming, round of applause for the one that turned out to be something
They fell to their knees in disbelief and, skies was falling the wind was blowing I was parting the sea
When momma said momma knows her son, I ain't never had a light as bright as this one
Shot by the hit of the drums they was marching in sadness, pure madness but the better me won
All premeditated purely levitated, never needed a horse for me to reach this elevation
I hear the shit they saying swear that I've been changing, I just ain't complacent see the look in all their faces
I mistook what I've been craving as a plead for blessings, lately I've been looking in the mirror can't recognize the changes
Doubling up the funds and giving it back daily, in the form of rap songs as hymns they singing his praises
This is more than what I asked for, I was piss poor just wanted my way to passport
Hourglass fell to the floor lost track of time, kicked down the door and said the world was mine plus more
And now here we are, did you know that you could make it this far?
After hopping on a bus cause you ain't want to buy a car, reinvested in the vision God damn that boy was smart
All they said was you don't know what you doing people don't buy the music, dropping out was stupid don't be so useless
All it takes is one life for me to do it, one change one night at a show I'll spark the light
That's right shinning so bright, your arms wrapped around me tight you always been my guiding light
This for all those long nights how we made assumptions, taking lessons from the lesser man is something worth discussing
Started to unfold while the plot was unravelling, story was prewritten the picture placed on the canvas then
Art was critiqued God damn it it hit me, that the words that they speak won't redefine me
Not as long as you there, there will never be a fear or a doubt or a tear
And every body's here shhh everybody's here, thanks for not coming it was one hell of a year cheers

We want it we want it, we want it we want it
We want it we want it, we want it we want it
We want it we want it, we want it we want it
We want it we want it, we want it we want it

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