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Louie's Solo Lyrics

Kevin Smith Louie's Solo


Do you doubt the truth in the tales of brave Ulysses?
For I was there beside him, though humble in my task,
Few men find adventure of such heroic stature,
Though some came seeking glory, or a golden fleece to grasp.

I kissed my wife and children as we sailed up to the wars,
We bent our backs, and pulled the oars to the beat of Louie's solo, yeah.

So many normal ships have tried to navigate the waters, where fearsome, foreign gods turn good soldiers into swine,
We'll always spare the evil drop, although the cup was offered,
Be it luck, grace or cowardice, I have learned to look behind.

On every field, in style, in every city-town,
We marched as kings and conquerors to the ever present pound of Louie's solo.

Sailing along,
Sailing along,
Sailing along.

Yeah, this was not a sword and sandal sarcasm, where clumsy lips move to another tongue,
This odyssey of ours was danced to the brave music of a distant drum,
Main did acclaim us, though some - they did distain,
But both become a siren sound that pulls you to the rocks again.

One day each old fighter beats his sword into a plough,
But, if he needs, each warrior always knows the whereabouts of Louie's solo.

Sailing along,
Sailing along,
Sailing along,
Sailing along.

Oh, Telemachos,
Telemachos, my vigilant son,
Dawn, again has come,
All stitched and dull,
And yet my journey is not done.

Sailing along,
Sailing along,
Sailing along,
Sailing along,
Sailing along, love,
Sailing along.

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