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Riding Round Lyrics

Kevin Kartier Riding Round

Riding round town with myself roof open and my mother f..cking music blunt
Riding round town, no tin on the glass
So they can see my ass when they stopping they staring
Riding round town, and I'm probably burning on some exotic
Riding round town, and when we getting,
And when we getting mother f..cker you got it, look

Okay okay that's me it's call the A the general
Every move is critical I'm f..ck with them they beautiful
I don't give a f..ck so I'm cynical
Don't speak so let's pop pitibul
I'm talking bout them racks on racks
I'm on my slunny digital pitibal like you ready you
You lame dudes expand the ball
Don't give a damn if I'm offending you
Damn your girl how spitball,
This party A I'm good to go
Rolling up that killer droll
Burning back to back to back in case your ass didn't know
My... I'm killing faded bitch I know I'm looking good
I see you shaly A grade so you know what we bout to do
But unless you dime with ABG I aint' f..ck with you foe
'Cause carty yeah the trinner ville
All we do is self the smokes if you're burning I'm down to match
Probably cush bring though a hash
If you hit it through the glass
It will put you on your ass
If the couch I'm bout to crash
So I'm getting to my mother f..cking lane 'cause I'm bout to pass


Rounding round I'm getting in what you mean you sick it is
See me on my grind the time that's why I am ridiculous
Consider this the genesis we make a move pet the dues
They go say with some minicies that 'cause we're just killing them
My music loud some we f..ckin smell loud
'Cause I've been smoking roll em up we just help em
Think I'm joking we all finished is
Have a zip after rip it smells like this it cause a grip
20 G you wanna hear and if you thought it is
'Cause I'll be rounding round making money
Focus on my bitches ass going to do nothing for me
'Cause if I don't make a move
Then I won't have let me broken the joke
Man it won't have, so let's skept the bullshit
And get the accent, is this the time riding
'Cause it's my passion, I never get f..ck bout what they telling me
Rounding round my city with at least two felonies


Whip game cop the homie I been type
Full of been truck, that's black at midnight
What I'm pulling up been you do get it right
And know that I'm in that bitch and I'm getting right
As ready than the double dick, yeah I'm helali
Purple cush at the joe I know you're smelling it
And it's... base hundred evidence we weren't hellin it
That's how we ride it summer poppin killing it like the alien
Like I'm floating when I'm smoking
Marijuana minutes got the time slowing
Probably some powing if I get the powing
Flow tell em him got the flow like I'm sowing
Heart like Owen take off like going and I saw how is done
You gotta walk it and you won
If you talk it get a gun,
It's survival of this fit is
And if you ain't with us you're getting none


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