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Bad Check Lyrics

Album Name : Devil Child
Release Date : 1989-06-01
Song Duration : 3:21

Kenny Neal Bad Check

He's like a bad check, always comin' back
Yeah he's like a bad check baby, always comin' back
You're my woman baby, he's got to face the fact
The word is on the street, your lover's back in town
The phone's been ringin', and I know somethin' is goin'
If you love me baby, you won't let him come around

I worked so hard to get your love
He's not gonna take it away
If he comes to find you
He just gonna have to pay
I don't know where
I don't know when
He's like a bad check bouncing back again
If he shows his face, he'll get a big surprise
I'm gonna put him in his place, he's got to realize
He'll never have you baby, no matter how hard he tries
He's like a bad check, his account is overdrawn
Yeah he's like a bad check baby, his account is overdrawn
There's gonna be hell to pay, yeah if he don't move on

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