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Gethsemane Lyrics

Album Name : Face to Face - Kenneth Cope Collection
Release Date : 2005-01-01
Song Duration : 4:31

Kenneth Cope Gethsemane

My Lord Jesus
Me in heaven, You on earth
You're in the garden
And Your heavy burden is growing worse
I weep for You, Jesus

My poor Jesus
I'm so sorry to make You cry
But I'm far from like You
And all my sins, Lord, demand this price

I wish that I could come to You
And wipe away the blood
And then I'd bear Your cross, Lord
If I could
But I'm up here
And You're down there, Jesus

My poor Jesus
I'm so sorry to make You die
But, please, for me, Jesus

Now Lord Jesus
You're in heaven and I'm on earth
Now it's my turn
And my little burden is getting worse
I weep for me, Jesus

Oh kind Jesus
I keep trying to win this fight
But I just can't change me
I need Your grace, Lord
Please provide

I wish that I could run to You
And all of this would end
If I could see Your face
Have You close again
But You're up there
And I'm down here, Oh Jesus

My Lord Jesus
If You've got time to spend with me tonight
Then fly to me, Jesus

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