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Don't Die Lyrics

Album Name : Soft Commands
Release Date : 2004-07-13
Song Duration : 3:07

Ken Stringfellow Don't Die

Butterfly, You Blew It. The Bullet Made You Officially
Destiny Has Met The Dove
The Passing Drained Off All Their Blood
When Did We Smile?
I Can'T Remember, But It Must Have Been Quite Awhile

Don'T Die Young, Baby. Don'T Die Young
Everybody Saw The Guns
Don'T Die Young, Baby. Don'T Die Young
'Cos Baby, You'Re Too Young To Die
Don'T Suck The Sun From The Summer Sky

Italian Torture Gave Us Da Vinci But Also Medici
What Can It Teach Me?
Arguments Are Simplified With All The Spears Piercing
My Side
What Can I Say?
Make Up My Mind. Make Up The Kind Of Things That Make
It Go Away

The Country Needs Your Blood To Run
Nobody Knows What Has Come
Don'T Take The Sun From The Summer Sky
Just Hang Up Your Heart And Cry

If You Believe In Love
If You Believe That It'S Never Enough
But You Were Wrong. It Never Has Been All Along

Cold And Far From Your Home

Song Meanings for Don't Die


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