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Happy Song Lyrics

Ken Laszlo Happy Song

Go you can play the mix
And get into the groove
We have to dance the night together
You wanna feel the heat
And let your body move uh uh yeah

Oh babe blue I only want your company
And I don't want to love another
Everytime you look at me
Uh uh yeah

Ta ta ta ta tara you will shake your body
You gonna have to do uh uh uh
Ta ta ta ta tara come on every body
A happy song for you

We together
Love me love me do
We together
Come on light my life for never bein' blue
All the lucky days
We together
If you are okay I will be the same

Just by the music
I will take you to paradise
You're gonna dream all your devotion
This is the only way
To make you feel alright
Uh uh yeah

Ta ta ta tara.....

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