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Love Forever Lyrics

Kelvin Galloza Love Forever

I really wanna spend my life with you
It's like it's that I can't deny
It's like I wanna run away with you
It's like I wanna tell everyone

That we're leaving far far away
That we're leaving never coming back
We'll do like Peter Pan and his own world
Where we can fly and love forever yeah
Love forever yeah

I always wanna make you happy
Always wanna make you smile
I wanna count the stars in the universe
With you love

You have to know I love you
Cause I know you love me back
So go ahead and close your eyes
And tell everyone


And minutes will be hours
And hours days
And before you know it we'll be very far
And then we'll scape to Rome, Egypt or France
And if someone dares to ask we'll say that

We're running very far far
We'll be far away
The World will be in your hands
We'll make the difference and
We'll say what we want
We don't care if someone cares
We're not gonna stay we're still gonna say


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