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Her Body Strewn With Petals Black Lyrics

Kekht Arakh Her Body Strewn With Petals Black

Garden flowers bloomed
Caressing a glossy skin
Bending upon beloved face
Uttering no sound
They ate the sky with wounded gaze
Searching for the better one

Shivering hands were born
To extract the seed
Spilled on the earth
That saw gorgeous naked breast of Eve

Blooming petals of black orchid flowers
Fragile puppets of the wind of sorrow
Gather them on (the) edge of time
Deeping in the night
For Eve is waiting for you come
And left behind the fright

Her body strewn with petals black
Never been that beautiful
The light no longer burning me down
Smothered by the night
The light of life was only lie
The true love (has) just begun


Quietly sleeping
Which are barely swingin in the wind
Dropped their shadows
On the heaving bellies
Of sleeping bodies
The night was beautiful here

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