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Heartbreaker Lyrics

Kayne Taylor Heartbreaker

You walk into the room
Undress me with your eyes
But you never make a move
Mmm, just hypnotising

'Cause I burn inside with everything I crave
I've got to deal with it someway

You're nothing but a heartbreaker
Can't you see it
You're nothing but a heartbreaker
And it's freaking me
You're just a soul taker
I can feel it
Then you see but I can leave it
I can leave it
You keep crushing my heart

I'm getting lost in you
And shivering in my sling
You took away my senses baby
You knock me off my feet

And I burn inside when it gets too much
You got me high and I can't touch


I want you bad
You look so good
I'd have you now
Baby if I could
You're killing me
Can't you see
You're nothing but a, nothing but a, nothing but a
Soul taker
I can feel it
Please believe it

You're bring out the devil in me
And nothing's gonna save me

Chorus (x2)

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