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I'm Ill Lyrics

Kay-T I'm Ill

New kid out... dats KAy bitch
Candy on ma skull... dats sweet shit
Hands iced out{bright}... got no switch
New pants on... sum new shit
Aint on kush... high as fuk
Cloud nine bitch... I'm star struck
Livin in da sky
N we perfect
Yh we flawless{floorless}
Airplane shit
Niggaz 2 loud... mehn low pitch
N I'm 2 raw... ask your bitch
Bring me down... hmph good luck
C me comin better do lyk donald... duck
Everything I do... yh I gain
All I do iz win... lyk fuk t-pain
Hi hater... dat kid Kay-T
Haterz c me... I make em go lyk raaaahh!
911 please cum get me
Juz touched fake I think itz kikin in ma allergy
Aint t.I but ur boy juz illy... n ur bitch gimme "brain"... now dat bitch juz silly
Stop... I kno I'm hot
Lupe fresh 4rm da bottom 2 da top{bottom top}
We gettin dat guap
N we about 2 touch down
Royalty ballin... soon be wearin ma crown
N I'm da shit no way u can doubt me
Niggaz talkin shit... u kno dey talkin bout me
Sayin dat u fly shit I'm a "Jet" lyk "Li"
If u talkin bout I'll kno u talkn bout me
All year we stay fresh... we fly 360
Fresh white tee with da fresh skull candy
Kno it aint done till u end it wit da nike
So I stae pretty in ma zoom air 60 n leave em lyk RAAHH!

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