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Walk The Mist In The Lack Lyrics

Album Name : Gallaecian Metal Compilation
Release Date : 2007-02-10
Song Duration : 11:38

Kathaarsys Walk The Mist In The Lack

The brazen light bleeds
in the black pitch of memory
The cold tear the loneliness of the ocean
Through the petals threaten
the nocturnal breath of forest
The rain listen to the spirit of the mist
and mechanices the bitter sensation of winter
The wind naked
Once we find the keys to decipher the river
but that is not easy
I still awaiting the morning full of absence
I still screaming in the night
near to the border of the past
and I don't have nothing to lose
From this lands I gaze at the distance
of the empty vastness of the storm
and the scream of silent hawks
smell as death among the black flowers of cold
I lie here near the indifference
emotive of the turbid weaters
The morning fog talk in my name
In the name of the time
I invoke the night spirit
and under the sign of the forest
appear my enigmatic steps
Nothing can save me from the ancient failure
even from wet dream of the night dew
I found all secrets that the ocean could offer me
Between my hands I lost the nectar od spring
and the answer of the unknown tree
Walk the mist in the lack

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