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Combustible (special Delivery Remix) Lyrics

Katalyst Combustible (special Delivery Remix)

My occupation MC, Rapper, Rhymer
Whatever you call it
Hitting you like splat like slimer and that's my
And when I'm done
You'll say the job I did made your metropolis
I'm more enhanced, and more co-operative, communal
spawn ta live
I shot the gift provocatively
Held it down like shocking it
Puffed any green seteva I can hit and dough the
Sat with wise mentor sit and talk a bit of the
And how to make this world that's about to end a bit
more positive
The first, his voice was rough and needed some throat
He offered his opinion, youthful with expression,
The second one had more method with; he moved and
plodded with
He said the world has cheated karma and must be now
The third one seemed a bit more centred as he led us on
a ship
He said something's just can't be and found we exist as
The moments all we got
So live it now
Don't trip on politics
We all return to the same passage
Broke or if your wallets thick

Now I'll inflict my Monumental, all essential,
That's dominant so on a pencil I'm a grip so come on in
I kinda went oh, how the wind go
Continental, prominent
This rhyming is pro
Kinda get your mind a bit smoked

What a hit

Get back on [sung]

My occupation MC, Rapper, Rhymer
However you see it
Infinite with rap designer
And that's how I'm freaking it
Linking you
List the thoughts that move like currents of electric
Whose brains invade like plants and fields that
Co connect the dots
Of ET, D&A, Galactic Raps
That's G and A and After that
A B and hey I master tactics
We obey our fashion sense
Auf Wiedersehen, ariverderche, Adios, Aloha
Make alligator bags from scratch
I'll slaughter bullets and cobras
Pythons and icons
Fight wrongs recite songs
All night long, with the lights on
Ultra proton neutron
Glue blacks till they too strong
Luke warm, flukes gone, nuclear true balm prince move
It's venom moving eons
Beyond beyond
Lose star
Lightness of a lightning
Riding bikes through Jerusalem
Liking your awareness and imperative
Like a loose nut
Till you grasp often at the chance
My styles an alien immigrant
That'll will the crowd with the pitter-patter as the
children chin out
Who rocks

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