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Scream Lyrics

Kasey Butler Scream

(Come on, yea)
Oooh oh woah oh woah

Caught me surprise, Can't believe me eyes
When you walked up in the room
I knew I had to have you
And if I had a chance, I'd do more than dance
But for now I'll play it cool
You'll be mine before the night is through

Oh maybe
Maybe we can flirt just a little bit
You gotta work a little bit
'Cause I want you more than a little bit
What I'm thinkin' is

Oh, you're makin' me wanna scream
Look what you did to me
I hope you're happy now, you really broke me down
Oh, and I'm thinkin' "What the hell? "
You got me screamin' at myself
But ain't nobody listenin'
Look at what a mess I'm in, ya makin' me

I remember days, Fill my heart with grace
If I ever had to go one day without you
I can't believe it's true now
'Cause all I'm thinkin' about is how you're on my nerves now
Every little thing you do
I can't believe it's gone so wrong so soon

You need to back it up just a little bit,
You're doing way to much, a little bit,
This has got to stop, just a little bit
All I'm thinkin' is


You make me want to throw a fit
Can't you see I'm tired of it
Everytime you open up your mouth, it almost makes me sick
I'm about to throw a clash
I'm about to kick your ass
Can't believe it's got this way that you've become the guy I love to hate (oh yea, yea-e-yea)

[Chorus x2]

Yea yea yea-e
Woah oh Woah oh oh
Makin' me wanna scream
Look what ya did
Look what ya did
Look what ya to me

Look what you did to me

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