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A Euphoric Dream Lyrics

Karma's Kitchen A Euphoric Dream

Jump right on, we'll fly away to the moon
The night is ours as is the sky
And we'll watch the earth, as she falls asleep
Oooooh, a genuine love fool

You make a move
I kiss you in the neck
You say that it's alright
Tell me I'm the best you've ever had
I'm proud to spend this moment
Let us sit back and enjoy the view
God, please let this moment ever last

Makes me...

Give me your hand
We'll take a walk in the park
We'll carve our names
In a bench

We'll stroll along the pond
You'll grab my hand
And look me in my eyes
And assure me that you've fallen in love with
A feeling of euphoria
Two blissful young lovers
The dream of every single man alive

Makes me...

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