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Ephesians Chapter One Lyrics

Album Name : Joyful Noise (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release Date : 2012-01-10
Song Duration : 3:06

Karen Peck & New River Ephesians Chapter One

In the middle of the battle when all that really
Is a place where I can find relief
I even start to wonder if the stress I'm under
Is turnin my joy into grief
I've been beat down, backed down, found myself on
the ground
Thought I would lose my mind
Then I opened up the Bible and found I could rely on
Ephesians chapter one.

I don't mean to sound proud
'cause you know I've been down
When the struggle almost took me out
But I found that God was workin in the middle of the
So I trust him and I don't have a doubt
That His fear takin', way makin' chsain breakin' life
Power's gonna see me through
So I'm never gonna worry, even when He doesn't
'Cause I know what the Lord can do.

God says I'm blessed, I'm chosen, I'm adopted I'm
Redeemed, yeah, I'm forgiven
Makes me wanna sing, I'm a child of the king and
now I'm a really livin'
By the blood of the Lamb, I know who I am
God said it and it's already done
When the devil comes in, I remind him again
Of Ephesians chapter one.

I open up my Bible and I know I can rely on
Ephesians Chapter One

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