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Blessings Lyrics

Album Name : Blessings - Single
Release Date : 2011-12-12
Song Duration : 5:04

Kaize Adams Blessings

Every morning when I wake
Open my eyes to see a brand new day
Clothed in my right mind

In my car on my way
Get to and from oh so safe
Sometimes I
Take these things for granted
But these are

Blessings from the Lord

When I had fallen from
God's grace
Living in the world
In a backslidden state
He kept on calling me
(I heard a voice)
Back to his loving arms
I came
Mended my broken heart and
Kept me sane
His spirit brought liberty
I'm thankful for his

Blessings from the lord

For eyes to see
For ears to hear
For a mouth to speak
For a heart of cheer
For legs to walk
For a voice to talk
For a peaceful home
For my job
For my family
For my friends
The circumstances
That keep me near to him
For my today
For my tommorrow
For times of joy
For help in my sorroww

Blessings from the Lord

Don't take them for granted
Don't take them for granted
Don't take them for granted

No, No, No, No

Just count your blessings
Name them one by one
Just rejoice
See what the lord had done

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