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Happy Song Lyrics

Kaash Paige Happy Song

"always on my mind f..ck I cannot help it yea"
"always on my mind f..ck I cannot help it yea"

Depression, I gotta question, question
Oooooo oo oooo yea

Depression, I gotta question
Why so much aggression?
I need protection

You always on my mind
F..ck, I cannot help it yea

Depression, I gotta question question

This is my happy song
Sometimes I get up in my feels
Wanna be left alone
A 9 - 5 all time high
Shit my mom I don't condone
Infatuated with twitter and lame hoes in my phone
In my phone, in my phone ya

I just wanna be happy
Mary Jane, list of regrets rolled up in a fatty
Insecurities, pretty girl you know you a baddie
Got some ventin I wanna do lord please send the addy

This is my happy song
If you sad or you glad
I hope you turn this on
Just vibe, earphones in and now you in yo zone
F..ck an opinion, f..ck the haters, f..ck the sticks and stones
Cause you can't break my bones

And your words will never hurt me
Your words will never hurt me oh oo

Oo wah ah ah
Oh oo wah ah ah
Ay ay ay ay

I'm just keepin it G
I'm just keepin it real
I'm just keepin it player
Trynna tell you how I feel yea

Can we keep it chill like Mac Miller?
You know I keep it sweet
Keep it sweet just like a swisher
Shout out rest in peace to the homie Larry Fisher
I like my music loud, cause I hate when it gets whispered

Oh wow
Oh oh wah ah ah
Vibin' on a
Vibe vibe vibe vibe
Vibe vibe vibe vi vi mmm mm mm

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