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Mind Games Lyrics

Kaan Mind Games

Eh, uh huh
Lawd, Knowledge
Uh huh, eh

Off with they heads again
Lost my philosophy
Blood from the guillotine drips causing a shallow puddle
Watch it trickle down to the gutter to please the peons
Going inside a cluster of thoughts, they all negative
My attention span isn't vast, it's vague and vulnerable, yes
I feel the test of character, I can't continue to fall
These passages passing judgement like relics wrote 'em theyselves
Religious leaders and hypocritical seekers that read a chapter and only take from what they can gain
My frame of mind is fine in sanctity, it's sheltered from hate
I state the obvious for some, I feel like most can't relate
Embrace the pain I took from solitude like love to the youth
I get in the booth, I'm moving and getting [?]
I said that I'm searching for truth, living aloof
So why are you looking confused?
I do whatever I choose
I've been aware of the consequences and the repercussions
Complicated cousins I will cut 'em off
I am self efficient so it's f..ck 'em all
And if it ain't about you then don't get involved
I am working to make it all possible
I can overcome the obstacles
No one is living this life but me
Story like I'm Mephistopheles
I wanna sit for a second
I don't think anyone listen
Taking a moment, I'm making 'em realize that it's my time and I want it all
For the simple fact I'm on another level
People talk but they ain't really ready
I could give a f..ck about a failure
Never sorry and I tried to tell ya
Confidence, that shit can get ya killed
Death in dozens over dollar bills
Shit get realer when the rent is due
Anything for you to make it through
Destitution ain't a f..cking option, it's a f..cking problem, I'ma find the answer
You pedantic with your pessimism
Do revision on your attitude
Motivated, tryna make it happen
This life's a game but I like to play it
Satanic forces wanna hold me back
But I been focused on a holy land
Like a resurrection out of Nazareth
And I'm a labyrinth with this rapping shit
I been maximizing all my potential
Like expose a loss and don't show a win
But I chose to live with my list of sins
If you listening, I make it obvious
I can't contradict for no dollar sign
I don't feel connected to a net worth
So I keep pushing and I hope it works
I feel like I'm running in place, nowhere to escape
I'm stuck in a vigorous chase
Illicitly setting the tempo and pace
I never settle for less, expressing emotions I used to repress
The lyrical fashion in which I confessed
I fight for my sanity, I will contest
But nevertheless, I'm working, admitting my stress
Finding a way to relate, these people are fake
They giving me hate like a fade
As though I should pay attention, you don't get a mention
Measure me by the man that I am
A nigga that's playing his hand
[?] do this shit without no help
[?] pushing limits
Putting my all into every sentence
Sanctified by the all mighty
Very focused is the way you find me
Meeker man'll give a pissed opinion
Bitter life, [?] I creative
Innovative boy to say the least
I've been a f..cking beast, I'm off the f..cking leash
But I will not retreat, I don't care for it
I accepted the life that I chose so I stay composed
But niggas ain't feeling me tho'

Knowledge, nigga
Dave West on the beat
Uh huh, uh huh, lawd, eh

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