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The Lord's Prayer Lyrics

Album Name : In His Presence Live!
Release Date : 2006-05-27
Song Duration : 2:14

Judith Christie Mcallister The Lord's Prayer

(Verse One)
There is a place we must long to go
Where secrets of the Kingdom
And truths are made known
To make it there
You gotta make the choice
To push past the average
And status quo to...

Raise the praise
Raise the praise
Raise the praise
A little bit higher
A little bit higher

(Verse Two)
In the Holy of Holies
There's no need to fight
So lift up your voices
Proclaim your right
As a Royal Priesthoo d
You have authority
To declare on earth the victory!

(Repeat Refrain)

Raise the praise, in your lifestyle of worship
Raise the praise, in integrity
Oh raise the praise, lift high the standard
Raise the praise, a little bit higher!

(Repeat Refrain Out)

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