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Saturday Lyrics

Album Name : The Simple Life
Release Date : 2008-05-06
Song Duration : 4:29

Josh Woodward Saturday

I watched you fly away
Across the empty sky
I turned around and waved goodbye

And now it's me alone
It's just an empty home
That's on an empty street
In a town that always sleeps

And a blind man in the darkness knows no difference
But I have grown accustomed to the colors that you bring

I check the dial tone
On the telephone
But when I try to speak
The reception gets so weak

I took an hour's drive
Into the countryside
The sky was bright and clear
But it was cold without you here

And my mind is turning back before I knew you
And the numbness was the only thing I'd ever really known
And I was home

Long ago, I was happy by myself
Long ago, it was me and no one else
Long ago, and then I saw your face

I got a photograph
Beneath a sheet of glass
Inside a cherry frame
But it is never quite the same

It's just a memory
A spot in history
But that's no good to me
When I am living here and now

Oh, I've tried to make my peace with all the silence
I have tried to patch the cracks, I've got my finger in the dam

And I've tried to find contentment in seclusion
But I will never really smile till the day that you return
Till you return

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