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Overthrown Lyrics

Album Name : Breadcrumbs
Release Date : 2009-10-05
Song Duration : 4:35

Josh Woodward Overthrown

The lights are out, the shades are down
He's got his scepter and his crown

He's waking up, and all alone,
He's sinking in the cushions of his throne

But all the gold in Macedon
Couldn't turn his head

He never saw the downfall coming
And he probably never cared

The king was overthrown
But he didn't even know it

He once was strong, he once was loved
He lifted everyone above

But his arms got tired, from the heavy load
And he was breaking under all the weight below

He sat down to take a breath
But never got back up

And everything was fine without him
So he just let it go

The king was overthrown
But he didn't even know it

He never even knew that he was done
He never even saw the setting sun fall down

He's living in the corners of his mind
The only thing alive was there behind his crown

No one had the heart to tell him that his time was

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