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Once Tomorrow Lyrics

Album Name : Breadcrumbs
Release Date : 2009-10-05
Song Duration : 4:09

Josh Woodward Once Tomorrow

Don't let me take too long here
I've got a lot of things to do
These days are passing by me
I'm staring blindly at the view

I woke up one day older
Just like ten thousand days before
And all at once I'm hearing
A quiet knocking on my door

Lost chances, sideways glances
I will let them be without me
Creation, celebration
I will let them pass me by, and
Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
But all I see is loss and pain, so screw it

Once I was star-eyed shining
Now I'm buzzing like a neon sign
That's missing half its letters
And it's getting dimmer all the time

Bells ringing, choirs singing
I will let them be without me
Moonshine and cherry wine, yeah
I will let them pass me by again

Wake and sleep and drink and eat and work until I've
thrown the day away
Yesterday was once tomorrow, now it's just another
fading day

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