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History Repeats Lyrics

Album Name : The Simple Life
Release Date : 2008-05-06
Song Duration : 2:59

Josh Woodward History Repeats
History repeats itself
In the patterns in the stone
We close our eyes, and fumbling,
We listen, or we don't

The anchorman is babbling
The weatherman's a liar
The sports report's a waste of time
For the bored and the tired

And the past is all we talk about
Cuz it's all we've ever known

I won't go back to the simple life
In the comfort of the womb
I'm finding a new road home

If I'm late for my own funeral
Don't let me hold you up
Just tell them I've got other plans
I've got work to do

I won't go back to the simple life
The past is gone
I won't go back to the simple life
I'm moving on

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