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Gallows Hill Lyrics

Album Name : Dirty Wings
Release Date : 2007-09-04
Song Duration : 4:26

Josh Woodward Gallows Hill

The streets of Salem were a terrifying sight
The witches dancing with the demons in the night
Their evil minions watch the town as it's in bed
They wish 'em dead, with 'em dead, wish 'em dead

Old Rev. Parris knew that something was amiss
He felt the evil from a spiritual abyss
He knew the time had come to purify the town
Hunt 'em down, hunt 'em down, hunt 'em down

No time was wasted in assembling a squad
This pitchfork army on a mission sent from God
No witch was safe from Rev. Parris' brigade
Their crusade, their crusade, their crusade

"Call the magistrate and don't you wait another minute
cuz this
Town is going to hell we don't put away the sinnin'
We got no time to let a jury have their turn
Let 'em burn, let 'em burn, let 'em burn"

The damned were crammed into a carriage in the square
Their faces battered and their bodies all were bare
The Reverend brought 'em to an isolated hill
Time to kill, time to kill, time to kill

One by one their necks were snapped beneath the cedar
The spirits vanished and the demons all were freed
They dug a hole to hold their devilish remains
They were slain, they were slain, they were slain

The town was safe from all these wicked dissidents
They could continue with their life of innocence
Dispensing justice from a higher power..

They built a church atop the spirits and the bones
Their moans were heard as they were laying down the
The witches got revenge beneath that steeple bell
They cast a spell, sent the Reverend to hell

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