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Fit For A King Lyrics

Album Name : Only Whispering
Release Date : 2006-05-09
Song Duration : 3:45

Josh Woodward Fit For A King

The guest of honor to watch the slaughter
Of peasants who had dared to try for freedom
With suits and dresses and pricessless frescos
I pass the marbled halls to reach the banquet

The dukes and lords were gathered around
A banquet, fit for a king

With platters and grease-stained splatters
They hold a feast like non I'd ever seen
His royal highness, he wines and dines us
And boasts of all his conquests of the land

The food was stunning, if ever I saw
A banquet, fit for a king

When were done, he said "now comes the fun,
Where we waste all these treasonous fools
Here is my knife, I'll let you take the life
of the one that you think is the worst."

And so I turned and faced the king..

I stabbed that knife down on his gold crown
His royal bloodline spewing on the marble
His eyes beseeched me, this hallow screeched plea
"Oh why, oh why would someone do this to me?"

The guards were slackjawed, I ran through the courtyard
The prisoners were following behind

I gave that bastard what he deserved
A funeral, fit for a king

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