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Cherry Lyrics

Album Name : Crawford Street
Release Date : 2005-02-05
Song Duration : 4:11

Josh Woodward Cherry

Sweet little Cherry got her hands in her pockets
and she's waiting for a downtown train

High heel boots with the straps hung low
And her head hanging down in shame

The wolves all dress up just like sheep
and the go and hit the town
Cherry never sees 'em
But they're hanging all around

Sweet little Cherry got a switchblade Jimmy
Come and take her down to 4th and Main

Her mind in a haze of the better days
Before her body was an ad campaign

But now the filthy crooks and pocketbooks
Are all that Cherry sees
The dashboard dogs and backseat hogs and
Down onto her knees

I am tempted, I am weak
I'm too weak to try to speak
I am tempted, I'm ashamed
Yeah, I'm ashamed and I'm to blame

You'll see
Yeah I'm tempted by the cherry tree
You'll see
Yeah I'm tempted by the cherry tree

Sweet little Cherry took the last bus home
In the middle of the pouring rain

She saw the bad boys sleeping and the good girls weeping
Through the fog on the window panes

And Cherry wants to make it right
But she never has a prayer
Cuz as long as there are bad boys
They'll be penny millionaires

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