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Need It Badd Lyrics

Album Name : Helpless Romantic
Release Date : 2008-10-28
Song Duration : 3:32

Jon B Need It Badd

(Verse One)
I know I can be your anything
I know I could be your trampoline
Bouncin up and down
You know what I mean
Try not to blink
Your eyes and see
No longer enough
To fantasize with me
Cause you know what I need

There ain't no such thing
As you and me wasting time
That good feeling
Right there when I need to badd
No bein bashful
While the camera's flashin
I'll be right there
Right there when you need it badd

(Verse Two)
When you need to rest
Under somebody's wings
Girl you know you can
Keep flyin with me
Where we goin baby
Bouncin up and down
You know what I mean
When it's turbulence
Don't you be alarmed
Don't you be afraid with me
Just hold my hand
Don't half to turn your cheek
It's like a roller coaster
Paparazzi poppin pictures
Of you and me baby


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