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Llwh Lyrics

Johnny Rain Llwh

[Verse 1]
Look inside my eyes
I know you're watching
Look at my demise
You know you got me
Feed me all your lies
And I just soak it up, soak it up, soak it up, baby
Thought that you were mine
But you ain't down
Ain't down

You have my love
You have my heart
You've got everything that tore us apart

This is why I never learn to trust correctly
We both know you could never just forget me
I'd love you if you ever really let me
Would you let me?

Don't f..ck with me
Don't f..ck with me
Don't f..ck with me
Don't f..ck with me
Don't f..ck with me


[Verse 2]
What a bunch of lies
I see you, oh no no no
But what if I, what if I
Mislead you, too?
Would that justify
How you don't open up, open up, open up (baby)
Cause what the f..ck was mine
Caused me to lose my f..cking mind

You mistreat me, every lie was soaking
Do you see me? am I by the ocean?
Do you read me? is your pineal open?
Do you read me? just leave me

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
You're standing there
With an empty look of envy
You aint come prepared
You don't have to see what's in me
Girl, I'm one to care
And I'm ridin' where the simps be
I swear they tryna get me
F..ck you think this is?
Look what you did to me
You f..cking piece of shit
I'm everything that you pretend to be
I thought that we were meant to be
Now just

[Hook x2]

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