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Fantasy Girl Lyrics

Album Name : All the Hits and More!
Release Date : 2005-07-26
Song Duration : 4:01

Johnny O Fantasy Girl

The first time I saw you thereIn my world, I wasn't preparedAnd what i witnessed from your heart'Cause I knew baby girl it was ready to startA fantasy that was all so trueThe way I felt, girl I knewThat you and me, we were meant to beIn this world for love, you were made for me
Ohhh ohh, fantasy girlYour my fantasy girlI need you tonightRepeat (1x)
The way you look, the way you smileYou made me feel like a brand new guy insideI want you in my fantasy'Cause I'd do anything for you don't you seeThe way I feel, is oh so trueI can't deny what i'm telling youBaby girl in my fantasyYou would be more than happy, you would be with me
Chorus (2x)I want you girl tonight
Oh baby girl, what i'm trying to sayIs that I love you in almost every wayYou are the one i've been searching forIn my life it seems you are my fantasyOh sweet love won't you be mineI'll treat you like, no other man has triedI'll be your man, never let you downAnd i'll always be true not to make you go
Chorus (2x)I want you girl tonight

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