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Arkangel Lyrics

Album Name : Arkangel
Release Date : 2007-01-01
Song Duration : 3:48

John Wetton Arkangel

You're with me always
You hold my very soul
You never know uncertainty
Without you I am not whole
You are my Arkangel, my heart and my right hand
When in the face of danger we stand

You are my courage
You are my ecstasy
You give me hope, when there is none
For sinners just like me
Your wings will enfold me, hold me through the night
You are my Arkangel, my light

Forever faithful
Throughout my frailty
The times you had to carry me
The times you let me see
A candle in the darkness, oil upon the sea
The star that was guiding me

I feel your presence
Your voice I know so well
You caught me when I stumbled down
The steepest steps of Hell
The trials of my childhood, will be the death of me
Stay with me, Arkangel, with me

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