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Bars Lyrics

Jody Lo Bars

Smoking blunts and
Just daydreaming
About the money yea I
Stay scheming
This month I ran
Through 8 PS
I can see it clear
Like HD

Woke up to scars on
My back
Last night I fought like
8 demons
F..ck around slept
All night
Still waking up like I had a late evening

Slept 9 pm to 8 in
The evening
Trap for 2 days straight just to make it even
Tryna stay a wake sipping on a 8th of lean
Drop dick in ya bitch and I make her scream

Cause I'm shining and I know that's what u hate to see
You just be talking bout what you wanna take from me
You gotta make ya self believe it that's make believe
You be making shit up
Like mabeline

You just be talking real loud tryna make a scene
Always talking bout you real but you fake to me
Hot shells in ya body that'll make ya scream
Show you how to make a steak from beef

Baggin up the grass like I'm raking leaves
Charge $45 for a
8th of weed
Tryna milk the game while I'm making cheese
Stuff a Cuban cigar wit
Jamaican weed

Now I'm on another level like I laced the weed
And I'm runnin wit the metal like I'm racing G
Talking down just sound like hate to me
Run up on em and I shoot em in the face and leave

When I get done wit
This beat
This shit gone look like
A rape scene
I charge 950 for
If u want 2 I
Need 18

I be in the trap and they think it's too late for me
Phone ring all day
From like 8 to 3
No patience plug had weight
For me
So good that my clientele
Wait for me

If it ain't about the money then it ain't for me
I can't even think about it
I get ADD
Came up from dealin like a game of speed
But you gotta bet it all cause we play for keeps

Life is a
Last 12 months drop bars
Over wax
Now I'm on fire like
A candle
.45 extended clip hang out
The handle

Run up on a nigga and I make em put his hands up
Kidnap a nigga for
A ransom
Yo bitch keep telling me I'm handsome
So much money that I can't pull my pants up

Had to get my grams up just to get my bands up
10 toes down I ain't even gotta stand up

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