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I Won't Complain Lyrics

Jeremiah Bligen I Won't Complain

Life's a roller coaster
Twitching every which a way
Lord knows I done seen my share of troubles in my day
Got a couple of bruises
Couple Knuckles out of place
This life will never be perfect
But I'm thankful for each day
And yeah the struggle's present but I know
With right perspective I will grow
I don't have all that I want
But I'm content with what I don't
Stand covered in the rain
Forgiven, not a slave
Thats why if you ask me how I'm doing
Believe me when I say
I won't complain
Through the ups, downs
Treble and the Bass
No man I won't complain
Because He's faithful
Through it all, it everything
No man I won't complain

[Verse 1]
Thankful just to see another moon
Warren to keep God at the Center
As the pressure looms
Progressing, no stressing
Though this life isnt a brees
I'm thankful I won't scramble
I'm protected from the heat indeed
He's Keeping me on this route
Every in and every out
He's on Post
So when there's a hitch
I can turn right around and go
Beat the press
Lose the coverage
Struggles coming
This ain't news
But He's faithful to help us bear
Growing with every bruise
Were wiser, bud


[Verse 2]
The ups and downs of this life
Are real, lets speak about it
How my son was in a box
With miconium in his lungs
Nothing I could do about it
With a hole off in his heart
Ventilated, full of drugs
Didn't know if he'd make it out
But he did and I'm thankful
Cause plenty peoples babies don't
Still got a couple of bills
But woe is me just ain't my song
I look my son in the eyes
I'm just grateful he's alive
And complaining, changes squat
So I'll lift up praises, while I grind


[Verse 3]
If I don't have it, I don't need it
And if I need it, then I got
Or its coming, in the oven
Matter of time
Before I cuff it
I ain't worried, I ain't stressing
I'm believin' in His word
That at the least He'll do for me
What He does by feeding birds
So contentment
Let's meet up get acquainted
And live in peace
Not complacent, but depending
On the sacred
Promises of the Father
Not manipulating a system
Nor lying, cheating or stealing
But trusting in what He issues
It's comical, how we dodging you
When your will us uncomfortable
When ever it's unprofitable
Flirt with the dishonorable
Move from under your cover
And create even worse obstacles
Us our own devices
And end up right back where we started: Dew
In mourning
Each morning
Give us strength to trust your timing
Some mountains ain't for moving
They're there for us to climb 'em

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