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Streak Of Madness Lyrics

Jekyll & Hyde The Musical Streak Of Madness

September 14th. 5:00 am. This is a strange, new, sweet sensation.
I am younger. lighter, happier in body and soul - twice as alive and tenfold more wicked - which intoxicates and delights me like wine - adding fearful new hardships to my desperate battle for success.
September 20th. 10:50 am. The experiments are now in their second week. The transformations are beyond imagining. Unspeakable nightmares besiege my senses. The most racking pains, and a horror of the spirit that exceeds all dreams of death.

September 25th. 8:00 pm. I have radically altered the balance of the formula, to contain and overcome the powerful and darker forces at work inside me. I am aware of my peril, and the need to control Hyde's evil influence, which disappears within me like a stain of breath upon a mirror. He has found the perfect hiding place...

What streak of madness lies inside of me?
What is the truth my fears conceal?
What evil force makes Edward Hyde of me?
What darker side of me does this reveal?

Am I the man that I appear to be?
Or am I someone I don't know?
Is there some monster drawing near to me?
Becoming clear to see?
Will what I fear to be be so?
What is this strange obsession
That's tearing me apart?
Some strange deranged expression
Of what's in my heart?
This is a deadly game I have to win!
This is a fight I dare not lose!
I have an adversary steeped in sin
Who wages war within
In ways I can't begin to use...

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