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True Love Never Let Me Down Lyrics

Album Name : B-Sides and Confessions, Vol. 2
Release Date : 2013-01-15
Song Duration : 3:24

Jeff Black True Love Never Let Me Down

True Love Never Let Me Down

I have been sorely disappointed
how temptation led me on some wild loose chase
it's all good for the gander
if you don't mind landing on your face
there is joy and restitution from my darker days
from when the devil tried to burn me to the ground

True love never
True love never ever let me down

I've put a lot of faith in people
who couldn't make a dime on my late show
they said we're sorry son you think too much
we don't know what you mean and the tempo's slow
thumpers on a mission yes and lovers on the mend
and quite a few folks living in this town

a little wiser for the living
no worse here for the wear
I'm heading for the border now
with nothing to declare

except for rays of light rushing through my window
that push me out the door
the feeling that I get when I'm delivered
by all we're working for
little hands reaching for the likes of me
showing me another way around

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