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Avalon Lyrics

Album Name : B-Sides and Confessions, Vol. 2
Release Date : 2013-01-15
Song Duration : 3:54

Jeff Black Avalon


I will not count these days passing by
I for one ain't ever going to die
with a wily cane there is no return
it is known around here I've a lot to learn
don't look back don't trace the sound
whatever you do don't look down to pray
don't discard me
you'll never write me out

I am on my way to Avalon

I will own this time with no regret
are we not more than twisted silhouettes
I will not make the same mistakes
that those who came before me made
piss and moan or wait and see
if some empty dream will carry me away
hey don't you love me
you better kiss me now

shadows passing over stone
are proof enough I'm pressing on
I may not take the bounty so I'm placing
little on what all I thought
and everything on what I want to see

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