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Alice Carry Lyrics

Jeff Black Alice Carry

Alice Carry

my name is Alice Carry and I was born in Oklahoma
I lived in McAlester when I was just a little girl
when I came to California I was seventeen and pretty
I wanted to be in the movies and shake out of this little world

Santa Monica Boulevard rolls down to the ocean
I’d go down from Hollywood to ride the ferris wheel
that’s where I met my Henry it was like I’d known that man forever
he’d say hey hey Oklahoma and he’d let me ride for free

there’s no dividing line between water and sky
here’s a picture of my Henry and I
down on the pier off of Lincoln Avenue
I loved Henry and he loved me too

I worked at the Cameo In the district down on Broadway
selling ice cream and candy and tickets to the matinee
on Saturdays and some Thursdays oh Hank would come to see me
he’d say hey hey Oklahoma and I’d let him in for free

we were married in the winter you know those summers in San Francisco
I was with child and happy then to take the long way home
then somewhere between the mountains and the bay we raised a family
I never looked back on my life until I woke up here alone

some folks remember hard times and have regrets about decisions
what could have been or should have been and dreams that don’t come true
but I believe your days are set in stone way before you’re born dear
some of us are lucky and some of us just make do

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