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Not Over You Lyrics

Album Name : Here's to Being Here
Release Date : 2012-10-24
Song Duration : 5:12

Jason Collett Not Over You

So you whisper to the wind
That you won't be back again
We tried so hard to pretend
We could just be friends
But I'm not over it
Cause I'm not over you
You said goodbye but never left, I get so tired of all your shit
But I'm not over you

I'm tired of fairy tales
And all the sentimental frail
Who put your heart in jail with a cross, a hammer, and some nails
'Til you confess that you're not over it
Are you over it?
With your finger in the dam trying to save everything
When we all know you can't

You flew through the windshield of a cab
and fell into a sailor's lap
Now the blood flows from your mouth
Where your teeth hold back your tongue
Cause you know you're over it
But I'm not over you, I'm not over you...

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