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Allah Born (Albany New York) Lyrics

J Davon Harris Allah Born (Albany New York)

[Verse 1: J DaVon Harris]

Round table discussion me and my brethren
Not a square in my circle and no yes man
We all scheming for a millie though
Azure, Flying Spur, GT Bentley flow
I hope she understand that I gota go
Cuz I gota be a man with alot of dough
Got a lil' bit trying get a lot mo'
Used to make a dollar stretch
In and out the corner sto'
Used to make a half stretch bring a couple hundred back
Zips that I got from Hampton had em all running back
Bagging zones
Stash that
Fraction in my backpack
Jansport stinking
A Jefferson and a Lincoln
That heavy code that I'm speaking
Drop gems like a drunk jeweler
Ruby red in the Franck Mueller
Gucci bucket Bally loafers
New Rick Ruler
Who you knew flow like mine but still a new schooler

[Hook: J DaVon Harris]
Taking pictures I hope they catchin my good side (x2)
Raised in The Sewer Allah Born how G's ride
Five Percent Gods and Gangstas since I knee high

[Verse 2: J DaVon Harris]

Round table discussion me and my brethren
Not a square in my circle and no yes man
We all live by the code god
I'm on my way to success I'll send a post card
Show you how to this son
Cause brothers never really came up where I'm from
Cap district
You can get your cap twisted
Body laid dead in the street or somebody missing
Gota' illustrate the ills for y'all to listen
Where people never stand on the stand and bear witness
But you would better understand if you was ever there to witness
Bearing the fruits of my labor around my neck
This immaculate you EuroAmerik
Lifestyle legend you ain't' got the merit
Triumph tatted on my arm so i always get to wear it
Turn my shit up loud when you listen to get the message

[Hook: J DaVon Harris]

[Final Verse: J DaVon Harris]

Do it for Clinton ave
Do it for First Street do it for Judson
Lex ave and Hudson
Kinda' wish I was a kid again
Up and down Livingston
Gone from the city awhile but still put on for it
I done made a whole lot of noise you can't ignore it
Hate to sound sacrilegious but I feel like I'm anointed
Tell tales of the struggle of lifestyles that's dormant
Where hustlers get extorted
The frail they get exploited
Wasn't good at algebra but I learned supreme mathematics
Where few go to college
Way more go to caskets
Not ashamed of my birthplace, because I embody it
Barbershops still got the CDs and them karate flicks'
Young gods hustle and pitch, try to get a whip
Air freshener on the visor and shit
Turn your system up loud and go and on front the strip

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