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Disconnected Lyrics

Itis Disconnected

The paper in the room is full of gloom & doom
and soon another tune will ring in my cocoon
that breathes & sings to me

of I and why I cannot fly and why I cannot hide
and why the other I & I collide
when I've been forced to open wide

I'll have to fake another day, I'd rather take another way
it's my mistake, so I will never show it
there is no rhyme to what I do, there is no time for me & you
the know is mine & so I know it
I am cool, I am calm, I am disconnected

a single me is what you see, unbridled, free of what is me
from me I flee into a scene
another hero from a book entitled "I Will Never Smile"
yet all the while my hero smiles and faces me with brave denials
he learned from talking with a child

those I think know me still create a place that I must learn to be
I can never break this face I know they see
peel away a piece, watch them run & scatter
never knowing if I matter

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