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Break It All Lyrics

Itis Break It All

You talk aloud like there's no one around

and all the words come out without a sound

Now there is no wrong and I know of no right

But if you close your eyes you might see the light

So push & shove and go nowhere but back

and then you tighten the ropes so I get some slack

Well talk to me and I'll talk to you and

When we finally get started, I know we'll be thru

Realize now, you're gonna break it all

I need a little so give me it all

and if you take a stand I'm sure you will fall

But things could be different if they were the same

and when I'm so full of pleasure I feel only pain

Well it feels so good to know I'm so bad

and life makes me so happy that I'm always sad

So, go away but come back again and

When we finally get started, I know it will end

Tell me a joke 'cause I need to cry

Tell me the truth "cause I need a lie

Tell me yes & I'll tell you no

When you tell me to stay, well I'm sure to go

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