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Real Fright Lyrics

Album Name : Light and Heavy: The Best of Iron Butterfly
Release Date : 2007-11-27
Song Duration : 2:42

Iron Butterfly Real Fright

Real fright's the story of a maddening darkness,
It leaves your hands and your face real tight,
Your mind starts to wander while your body starts shaking,
Your mouth feels dry as your bones start aching.

You want to know the pattern thas has gripped your life,
Your heart starts pounding while you're breathing real fright,
A face chalk white that starts the sight,
Ears hear the sounds of real fright.

Words and Music By Doug Ingle, Ron Bushy and Erik Brann
© 1968 (unp) by Ten East Music & Cotillion Music, Inc.
© 1969 by Ten East Music & Cotillion Music, Inc.
All Rights Reserved Including Public Performance For Profit

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