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Failure Lyrics

Album Name : Internal Affairs
Release Date : 2006-01-01
Song Duration : 1:03

Internal Affairs Failure

I push myself, I strive for the best
Truth and honor lies in my chest
My heart is strong, your's is weak
Freedom from you is what I seek
Try to break me, you have failed me
Bottom feeder searching for higher ground
But the smell of bullshit fills the air
Whenever you're around
You failed me and you've let down even more
Come to the fore and step out
You can't reside here anymore
I'm holding boulders while a pebble's what fills your hand
I know you're worthless right now
There's no need to remand
You're just a failure, your kind is expected to drop
I'm standing firm in my ways
With intentions to stop

Song Meanings for Failure

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