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Tempest Lyrics

Album Name : In Contrast of Tomorrow
Release Date : 2011-09-30
Song Duration : 2:32

Integrity Tempest

Descending the heavens
Forced into this sphere
10 crowns for 7 heads
An angel cast in mirror
Leering at each other
Await the serpents touch
Seal of god on your forehead
Only in death
Shall you know love

Fire enters the gallows
Prisoners trapped like rats
Somewhere out there watching
Your savior starts to laugh

Nailed inside your coffin
Descending the abyss
Nails intrude the deep
As splinters shred your wrists
Sudden outcry of pleasure
All is forgiven
Somewhere in hell
As has risen

Don't leave me
Out here in tis cold
My fingers numb
As the world caves in on me
Cracks of the sidewalk
Dreams of the homeless
I push on religiously

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