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Monsoon Baby Lyrics

Inoran Monsoon Baby

Angel, don't be sorry, don't worry
This would happen anyway, I guess
Summer came, and we shared the days
Now winter's here and the wind has changed
Soon I'll be here on my own
Feeling like a

Monsoon baby
Monsoon baby
A complexed maybe
Rain - rinsed lady

Navigating towards you by airplane
Eating a local London-time supper
Winter went and the days were strange
But summer came and the wind did change
Finally you'll get to meet
Out little wonderful

* Monsoon baby
Monsoon baby
A ten moon lady
Monsoon lady

Monsoon baby
Monsoon baby
A seawind lady
Monsoon baby

* repeat

Monsoon baby
Monsoon baby
No more maybe
Monsoon baby


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